President Obama was asked whether he wanted to smoke marijuana by a fellow patron of a Denver bar last night. The offer came from Instagram user manton89, who posted video of the ask on his Instagram account. "Asked him if he wanted a hit of pot...he laughed!" writes manton89 .

Watch here:

A voice can be heard asking President Obama, as he glad hands his way through the establishment: "Do you want to hit this?"

The president does not appear to answer the question, but he does acknowledge it by flashing his signature smile.

Somewhere along the way, President Obama shook hands with someone wearing a horse-mask:

And on his way to dinner last night, President Obama encountered pro-pot protesters. Via the pool report: "The motorcade traveled empty highways and roads for 30 minutes before arriving in the LoDo section of Denver at 6:42 p.m. Along the way, a smattering of onlookers lined the streets, with one group holding a 'Free weed for Obama' sign."

It was after dinner when Obama went to the bar with Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. Again, here's the pool report:

The motorcade drove just a few blocks before arriving at Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper was one of the founders of the Wynkoop, and as luck would have it, Hickenlooper was here and was in the mood to play a little pool.

President Obama was greeted enthusiastically as he walked in. "How's it going?" he asked the patrons. He spent several minutes on the first floor of the bar, meeting people and shaking hands. The pool was kept at it distance and could not hear most of the conversations.

Among the first people POTUS greeted in Wynkoop Brewing Co. was Kalynne May Arrick, who actually is from Tyler, Texas. She was leaving the scrum of bar customers with husband Allen Arrick with teary eyes, showing him the challenge coin that Obama had just given her, when your pooler interrupted. She said that after telling POTUS her name at his request, she told him that her older brother, Marine Sgt. Kenneth May, had been killed in Afghanistan in 2010. POTUS asked about her parents, got a challenge coin from an aide and gave it to her, she said, telling her that he usually gives them to vets, who collect them. "So, this is for your brother," Obama told her.

Eventually, Obama and Hickenlooper headed up to the second floor and made their way to the bar. Both ordered beers -- possibly IPAs based on the appearance, but the pool could not hear their order.

After chatting with a few folks, the governor and the president walked over to a pool table. They set their beers down on a nearby table and geared up for a game. Obama and Hickenlooper got off to a slow start, pushing the balls around without much success. Obama played solids and Hickenlooper was stripes.

"You didn't leave me a thing," Obama said after a Hickenlooper shot. Obama missed another shot and said, "All right. It helped you more than it helped me."

Hickenlooper, in a blue button-down shirt and gray pants, joked, "Let's get the press out of here."

But soon, Obama built some momentum, sinking a couple shots. Another patron offered to buy him a beer. "It's too late man. I just got one," Obama said. "I'll come shake your hand."

Obama took only a couple sips of beer in the presence of the pool, and an appetizer delivered by a waiter sat untouched.

As the pool started to leave, Obama suddenly got hot, sinking multiple shots and winning the game. "Did you record that?" Obama asked the pool.

"I take a little longer to warm up," Hickenlooper said.

Obama asked the pool to take note of how many balls Hickenlooper still had on the table. "Five," he said. "Five."

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