President Obama is prepping for Wednesday's presidential debate in Henderson, Nevada. It's a city, like so many others across America, that will be hit hard by Obamacare. How hard?

Well, here's video apparently of a Henderson city official telling employees that costs are rising by $41 per month (or by nearly $500 per year) due to Obamacare:

"You know, my first rendition of the slide had another slide that will live in infamy and that was June 28, 2012. And that was the date the Supreme Court validated the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And fundamentally changed how we are going to receive health care benefits in this country going forward. And I would suspect like myself until I got ill, health care was a plastic card in my wallet that I forked over and a 15 dollar co pay and that was great. That’s about as much involvement I had in it, other than my professional role leading the Teamsters trust with trustees there and the city’s self funded plan it’s just something we all take for granted. Well guess what, that’s gonna change. Whether we like it or not that is gonna change, and it has changed already.

"For the self funded plan, our self funded plan covers all police, HPOA, HPSA Non Represented employees, firefighters, a little over a thousand employees. It’s run by a committee of eight people. Eight voting members: four from the public safety unions, four from management.

"September of every year, and we know what those are going to be for 2013 and if you’re in the self enrolment plan you are going to get a self funded packet and I just want to tell you what that looks like. And based on these pressures we are breaking the Holy Grail. City of Henderson single coverage has always been free. You were a single employee or you were only covering yourself and your spouse was someplace else that was always free. Well in 2013 it will not be free. It will be $41.28 a month for the first time

"We are budgeting to use reserves, our strategy for the last several years we have reserves in that medical plan. It’s a separate account. We are going to use about a million and a half dollars of reserves, because that is how we are going to try to manage it, we are going to see. Plan modifications as we go forward is no free lunch, it’s a challenge beyond belief and we are trying to do the best we can to deal with today’s realities

"I would strongly encourage you if you got time on your hands to Google silver state health insurance exchange because this has a high probability of being all of our futures someday. This is the main tenant of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the main tenant of the individual mandate to have insurance

"Health exchange and I would tell you that when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was first passed Mckinzey did a survey of employers because an element of this legislation is that if an employer does not provide insurance, health insurance they pay a fine per employee. Around a couple a thousand dollars a year. And the original numbers were around 8-10% of the employers said they would drop coverage and pay the fine. That number is over 70% now.

"I have heard conversations that say hey to make the exchanges possible that the state legislature would say you know what we want all public sector employees to get their insurance through the exchange, could happen legislatively. Who knows? All I can tell you is there is a lot of change happening and it will continue to happen. And the days of pull out your card and pay a 15 dollar co pay and that is all you have to think about when it comes to health insurance are probably overand you’re going to have to absolutely have to become more astute consumers of the benefit."

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