The debate intensifies around Obama's treatment of Israel. Today, the Emergency Committee for Israel goes behind enemy lines, running a full page advertisement in the New York Times that explains to President Obama what he should do if he wants to stand with Israel this week at the United Nations.

On the other side of the debate, New York magazine has a pathetic cover story by John Heilemann, titled “‘The First Jewish President:’ The truth? Barack Obama is the best friend Israel has right now.” How credulous an Obama apologist do you have to be to believe that? It’s one thing to argue what the Obama administration has itself argued when it’s being candid—that it’s correcting a pro-Israel tilt of previous administrations. It’s another to pretend Obama is Israel’s BFF.

Here’s one example of Obama as great friend of Israel:

During Obama’s transition, the Israelis and the Palestinians had been at war in Gaza. So Mitchell began traveling in the region, searching for a series of measures that might change the climate sufficiently to get the two sides talking again. What he heard uniformly from the Arab states was that a halt to the construction of Israeli settlements was key. “The idea came from the Palestinians first and the rest of the Arabs second—and I mean all of them,” says Jonathan Prince, a senior State Department aide who worked with Mitchell. “We were told it was the only way to give the Palestinians political cover to get them back to the negotiating table.”

And that clever ploy has really worked out well!

One good thing about the article: It features images from the Emergency Committee for Israel's ad campaign.

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