At a fundraiser last night in Oakland, California, President Obama had to remind supporters that he's "term-limited." Via the pool report:

He then jumped into his standard stump speech. Mentioning it's his last campaign, someone in the crowd shouted, "No, it isn't." Obama reminded the crowd of his term limits.

And here's the official White House transcript of the exchange (which relates only what the president said:

Well, Oakland, this is my last political campaign. It is -- no, it’s -- I promise you, I’m term-limited after this. (Laughter.) And because this is my last political campaign, it’s had me thinking these days -- you get a little nostalgic, and you start thinking about your first political campaigns -- when I was running as a state senator in Illinois, and had to Xerox my own flyers, go to Kinko’s. (Laughter.) And then Michelle would go out, and we’d be knocking on doors on a Saturday morning. And then, when I ran for the United States Senate, I’d drive all across Illinois, which isn’t quite as big as California, but is a big state. And you didn’t have GPS back then, and I didn’t have Marine One -- (laughter) -- so I’d be driving myself.

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