In the wake of the recent Obamacare decree that Americans should no longer be allowed to choose insurance policies that don’t cover contraception, morning-after pills, and the abortion drug ella — or even policies that charge copays for these items (in exchange for lower premiums) — President Obama’s net approval rating among Catholic voters is down to minus-19 percent in the latest Rasmussen polling. Among Catholics, Obama’s approval rating is now 40 percent, while his disapproval rating is 59 percent.

Exit polling from the 2008 election showed that Catholics supported Obama by a margin of 9 percentage points (54 to 45 percent). So Catholics’ support for Obama has swung 28 points against him (from +9 points to minus-19 points) since the day he was elected. (In 2008, 27 percent of all voters were Catholic.)

But the issue at hand goes well beyond Catholic voters or even concerns about freedom of religion. What’s at stake is liberty, and what’s needed is repeal.

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