An interesting anecdote at the bottom of the most recent press pool report from a Michelle Obama hosted fundraiser today in New York City.

"Blair Underwood came out while pool was filing, said debates were 'combative.' He and a companion speculated about FLOTUS' political future; Underwood wondered aloud about Hillary Clinton," reads the pool report.

Underwood is an acclaimed actor.

The pool report includes no other details about what was said about the political futures of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. But there are more details from the fundraiser.

Also, Michelle Obama told this anecdote, seemingly likening her husband to former President Teddy Roosevelt.

Told story of 101 year old woman who remembered Teddy Roosevelt "and they gave him hell too." Woman told president "to go into that debate and give him something."

And a couple more notes:

She told the crowd not to tell POTUS all the "wonderful things" she was going to say about him, since she has to "keep that upper hand." ...

She talked about budget cutting priorities: "We all know good and well that cutting Sesame Street is no way to balance our budget." ...

Encouraged attendees to "max out!" and get others to max out, and also volunteer in swing states or phone bank.

Apparently, a mix of celebraties delivered some sort of inspirational reading before the first lady arrived. Here's the program, via the pool report:

Program, courtesy of an attendee, and some post-event notes, if you're curious:

"I hear America singing" by Whitman

Read by James Earl Jones

"Life on the Mississippi" by twain

Read by Sam Waterston

"69 cents" by Gary shteyngart

Read by Geena Davis

"Long Day's Journey Into Night" by O'neill Read by Jeffrey Wright

"Stove top stuffing" by Margalit Fox

Read by Sigourney Weaver

"Beloved" by Morrison

Read by Cherry Jones

"In the wine time" by Ed Bullins

Read by Blair Underwood

"Take me out" by Richard Greenberg

Read by Chris Rock

"The Matchmaker" by Thortnon Wilder

Read by Cynthia Nixon

Staged by Mike Nichols

Script consultant: John Guare
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