A surrogate for President Obama's reelection campaign, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a member of the president's cabinet, says that "we've turned the corner" on the economy:

"While this economy has gone through a rough patch, a very difficult recession, we've turned the corner," Vilsack tells a local CBS affiliate at a campaign event in Virginia. "The president is working hard to build an economy that is built to last, and by that I mean one that will support the middle class and strengthen the middle class , one that rewards hard responsibility, and one where everybody gets a fair shot and plays by the rules."

Vilsack, the former governor of Iowa, made his comments just a couple weeks after President Obama assured Americans at a press conference that the "private sector is doing fine."

The president later tweaked his comments, telling reporters that, in fact, “It is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine, that’s the reason I had the press conference.”

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