President Obama talked about rappers Pitbull and Flo Rida with a Florida radio DJ known as the pimp with the limp.”

Here's a partial transcript, courtesy of the Miami Herald:

Obama: "DJ Laz.

Laz: O-Bama!

Obama: “What’s going on, man?”

Laz: “How are you, sir?”

Obama: “Less than highly favored.”

Laz: "It is an honor and pleasure to have the president of the United States. I’m humbled."

Obama: “I’m the one who should be humbled. You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door. And so I’m hoping I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.”

Laz: "I’m wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey."

Obama: “You’ve got to start with that Dolphins thing. Did you see that HBO special Hard Knocks. That’s a pretty good show. As I recall, you guys didn’t win any… in the preseason”

Laz: "Now I’m getting ragged on by the president of the United States."

Obama: “I’m just saying you brought it up. My Bears – I’m feeling pretty good about them.”

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