President Barack Obama will tout his American Jobs Act at WestStar Precision, a small business run by a donor to the president's inaugural, in Apex, North Carolina on Wednesday, September 14. WestStar’s president, Ervin Portman, is a Democratic county commissioner for Wake County who donated $1,000 to the Obama inauguration fund. Portman also donated through Act Blue, a progressive PAC, toward the successful 2008 campaign of Senator Kay Hagan (D-N.C.).

According to the White House press office, WestStar is a company “that will benefit from the bipartisan proposals in the American Jobs Act.” Obama’s tour of the company’s 10,000-square foot office and warehouse will be followed by a speech at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where the president will continue to urge that Congress pass his plan.

WestStar describes itself as “rapidly growing contract manufacturer of precision devices, components, and assemblies for commercial and industrial applications.” The company uses water jet and laser technology to cut through material for everything from electro-mechanical equipment to laboratory hardware. Besides the facility in North Carolina, the company has a similarly-sized warehouse in San Jose, Costa Rica, which is “designed for high volume production to support our international and domestic clients.”

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