President Barack Obama is visiting Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York, according to the most recent pool report.

"Ahead of Women’s Equality Day on Monday, the President will make a stop in Seneca Falls to visit the Women’s Rights National Historical Park Visitors Center. He will present the center with a copy of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and a copy of the remarks he made during the signing ceremony," the White House tells the pool reporter.

The pool reporter adds, "After more than an hour drive, occasionally through heavy downpours, motorcade traded the highway for local roads, first passing through Waterloo, which bills itself as the 'Birthplace of Memorial Day' and is also birthplace of the two-time Super Bowl winning head coach of the New York Football Giants, Tom Coughlin.

"A lot of the town was lining the streets to greet the motorcade, a few waving American flags. Motorcade passed a diner which had out front - pool presumes coincidentally - a pickup truck with a smiling Obama statue standing in the back.
"Motorcade came to a stop at 3:48pm. Pool presetting at the Women's Rights National Historical Park."
UPDATE: Here's more from the White House pool report:
Seneca Falls, NY --

POTUS entered the modern-looking Women's Rights National Historical Park, operated by the National Park Service, and greeted a couple dozen people waiting for him, including the following:

-Ami Ghazala - Superintendent

-Vivien rose - chief of cultural resources

-Anne Derousie - historian

"Thank you so much for having me," he said.

Greeting some people positioned near bronze statues, he joked: "This is a really lifelike display." The statues include likenesses of Elizabeth Coy Stanton, Frederick Douglass, Martha Coffin Wright, and Thomas and Mary Ann M'Clintock

POTUS also remarked, "I've got a Michelle at home," after being introduced to a Michelle, apparently.

POTUS said the reason for his visit was, "We want to make a little contribution."

"Please! We'll take it," one woman remarked.

Waiting for him was a signed copy of his remarks from a ceremony to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first bill he signed as president. Written on the document:

"It's an honor to visit Seneca Falls and recall the righteous struggle that found expression here. I'm also proud to add an example of Lilly Ledbetter's leadership to your collection. Thanks for all you do to honor the character and perseverance of America's women."

In brief remarks POTUS explained the Ledbetter law and its goals, and then sought to pose for a picture. "Pretend like I'm giving it to you," he joked as they surrounded the document.

Pool then ushered out, having been inside for just over 3 minutes. We encountered gusty winds ahead of a downpour that fortunately began after boarding our bus.

Motorcade rolling at 4:24pm en route to Henninger High School in Syracuse, passing rain-soaked crowds along Seneca Falls' main drag.

Thanks for an assist from Michael Shear once again, and to bus seat-mate Jason Reed for his zoomed-in shot of the POTUS note written on the copy of the Ledbetter law signing event remarks.
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