In addition to its main results, which John McCormack reported earlier, the latest CNN poll asked all respondents (not screening for likely or registered voters) whether a given candidate “has the personality and leadership qualities a President should have.” In that vein, here’s how President Obama stacks up against the four current Republican candidates for whom such tallies were provided (the poll was taken after Thursday night’s debate):

Mitt Romney, +24 points (60 percent yes, 36 percent no)

Barack Obama, +17 points (58 percent yes, 41 percent no)

Rick Perry, -4 points (45 percent yes, 49 percent no)

Ron Paul, -11 points (42 percent yes, 53 percent no)

Michele Bachmann, -22 points (37 percent yes, 59 percent no)

All four Republican do a bit better among registered voters than among respondents as a whole, but the poll doesn’t provide Obama’s tally among registered voters.

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