Last night, this 30-second advertisement ran to encourage folks to sign up in the "Health Insurance Marketplace," otherwise known as Obamacare:

"Now, for the first time, you can be covered -- with a quality health plan from the new health insurance marketplace, part of the health care law," says the male announcer.

"It's where brand name companies offer plans you can compare side by side. And it's the place to get lower monthly payments. ... So if you have an accident, get sick, or just need a check-up. Enroll now at the Health Insurance Marketplace at"

This ad ran on ESPN.

Given the channel and given the nature of the ad, it seems pretty clear the ad was meant specifically to encourage young folks to sign up. Which would make sense, since the Obamacare marketplace needs a fair number of young (that is, healthy) people to balance the risk.

The ad is presumably sponsored by you, the taxpayer, via the Health and Human Services Department.

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