Jeffrey H. Anderson, writing for National Review Online:

Self-shackled with a tremendously unpopular overhaul of American medicine that they passed without a single Republican vote, Democrats are now clinging to the hope that voters will offer them a chance to “fix” what they have wrought. For three major reasons, however, that hope is likely to prove futile. One, Democrats have shown no genuine interest in fixing Obamacare. Their talk about fixing it is merely that: a talking point. Two, they have no ideas for fixing it (aside from adding another metal to the list of government-dictated insurance options). Three, and most important, Obamacare isn’t fixable. Like a house that’s horribly designed, shoddily built, and sitting on an uneven foundation, it isn’t something that invites fixing. It invites tearing down, clearing the lot of the debris, and building anew — using the blueprint from the right sort of conservative alternative (one that protects Americans’ existing insurance).

What’s more, repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a conservative alternative is what Americans want. That’s been apparent for years, and it’s also what recent polling has found.

On the first two points — that Democrats have no particular desire to “fix” Obamacare and no idea how to do so — the groups American Commitment and American Encore have just released an effective short web video:

Whole thing here.

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