The head of the agency implementing Obamacare, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services director Marilyn Tavenner, said today at a hearing on Capitol Hill that "We have a system that's working."

Rep. Brady said, "You know, you've been described as a quarterback of the Obamacare rollout. I'm sure that's not the term you chose for yourself. But can you guarantee no American will experience a gap in their health care?"

"So what I can guarantee is that we have a system that's working," said Tavenner. "We're going to improve the speed of that system --"

"Excuse me."


"You're saying the system right now is working?"

"I'm saying it's working. It's just not working at the speed that we want and at the success rate that want. Those are the things we're working on," said Tavenner.

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