A nightmare for an Alabama woman, who was trying to find help for her disability through Obamacare:

"A Montgomery woman in desperate need of financial help, just so she can keep her prosthesis, and therefore keep walking," said a local anchor. "With no job, only disability for income, and no insurance, she recently turned to the government's health care plan, but is finding little help."

Her "needs regular adjustments," according to a local reporter. So she tried to sign up for Obamacare. "For three hours [the woman sat down] running into trouble on the web site, getting disconnected on the phone, and finding few answers, and nothing [she] could afford."

Says the woman, "The disability I get are $951, and the insurance that she looked over would be $400. That would be something out of the $951, trying to live, I couldn't pay that. I'm so used to getting up and going, I felt like if something happened to this leg I would feel like I would be down again."

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