As Beth Reinhard of National Journal reports, people for whom support of Obamacare is instinctive and unquestioning are not inclined to campaign in support of it.

Even Organizing for Action, the advocacy offshoot of President Obama's campaign, is focusing elsewhere, currently airing ads touting President Obama's support for raising the minimum wage. The last time OFA ran pro-Obamacare ads was last summer.

Opponents, on the other hand, have what might be called a “target rich environment.” But that target doesn’t stand still.

If you wanted to fire on Obamacare you could aim at subsidies (aka bailouts) for the insurers, to include, as Scott Gottlieb of Forbes reports:

Humana [which] announced that it expects to tap the three risk adjustment mechanisms in ObamaCare for between $250 and $450 million in 2014. This amounts to about 25 percent of the insurer’s expected exchange revenue. This money is needed to offset losses that the insurer will take as a result of slower enrollment in its ObamaCare plans, and a skewed risk pool that weighs more heavily toward older and less healthy members than it originally budgeted.

Or, you could zero in on the waiver and extension feature, which has become such an important, if unwritten, element of the law. The latest, as Alex Wayne of Bloomberg reports, indicates that:

Health plans allowed to continue in 2014 though they don’t comply with new Obamacare rules may be extended for as long as three years.

And by then, who knows? With Obamacare, they make it up on the fly.

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