Gerald F. Seib runs the numbers from recent Wall Street Journal polling on Obamacare that found "almost half of Americans—47%—now say the law overhauling the nation's health system is a bad idea, compared with 34% who call it a good idea." The poll is interesting in its many particulars to include, especially, one showing that Obamacare is viewed as a bad idea by "48% of those currently without health insurance—the very people who stand to gain the most, in the form of help finding and paying for coverage."

Still, as Seib reports, "the administration is well aware of the risks it faces at this crucial juncture." So the White House is acting with commensurate urgency, and has even "hired Washington veteran and Clinton White House alumnus Chris Jennings to help with the launch." Which ought to turn things around smartly.

And, if not, there is always the hope that people will change their minds once the thing is in place and they are enrolled. For which, read "trapped." The long plan, after all, does not require that the people love the new health care system.

Merely that they are in it and dependent upon it.

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