The Romney camp sends out a list of today's headlines. It's just their way of saying good luck with that economic speech tomorrow -- it sure looks like the president is going to need it:

Americans Across The Country Disagree With The President’s Assertion That We’re “Doing Fine”:
  • Reuters: “Obama Ratings Sink On Economic Doubts, Worries” (Reuters, 6/12/12)
  • ABC News: “A Chilly Reception From Independents On Obama’s Plans For The Economy” (ABC News, 6/13/12)
  • National Journal: “In Colorado Focus Group, Obama Voters Disillusioned” (National Journal, 6/13/12)
  • National Journal: “How Badly Has Obama Alienated The Middle Class?” (National Journal,6/13/12)
  • Politico: “Poll: Independents Wary Of Obama's Economic Plans” (Politico, 6/13/12)
  • The Hill: “Poll: Weak Economy Hits Obama Approval Rating” (The Hill, 6/13/12)
Even His Own Supporters And Fellow Democrats Are Questioning President Obama:
  • The Washington Post: “Obama Campaign’s Rough Patch Concerns Some Democrats” (The Washington Post, 6/12/12)
  • Politico: “Democrats Want Change In Obama’s Message” (Politico, 6/12/12)
  • Washington Examiner: “Now Union Members Are Deserting Obama” (Washington Examiner, 6/12/12)
  • Politico: “James Carville 'Worried’ About Obama’s Message On The Economy” (Politico, 6/13/12)
And Evidence Continues To Pile Up That President Obama’s Policies Aren’t Working:
  • Politico: “Election Angst: Wages Have Barely Budged Since ’08” (Politico, 6/12/12)
  • Bay Citizen: “Solyndra Layoffs Larger Than Previously Reported” (Bay Citizen, 6/13/12)
  • Associated Press:“Federal Deficit Totals $844.5B Through 8 Months” (Associated Press, 6/12/12)
  • Associated Press: “More Than Seven In 10 US Teens Jobless In Summer” (Associated Press, 6/12/12)
  • Associated Press: “Average Price Of 4-Year University Up 15 Percent” (Associated Press, 6/12/12)
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