Zeke Miller reports, "At Easter Egg Roll event, the ball-player-in-chief missed four of five 3-pointers, but you'll only see the one basket Obama made in the White House's video recap of the week." Miller's post is titled, "White House Scrubs Obama's Missed 3-Pointers In Weekly Video."

Here's the video of Obama missing nearly half a dozen shots before finally sinking one:

And here's the edited version, around the 1:50 mark:

In fairness to the president, the scrubbed clip is part of his administration's weekly highlight reel, and there's obviously no need to include mention of little failures in this sort of project. But, on the other hand, just to show how hard he's fighting for the American people, the president is pushing out his own wannabe reality TV show on a weekly basis ... at taxpayer expense!

And while one shouldn't read too much into these sorts things, as Noah Pollak says, it's hard not to think that this "Really [is] a metaphor for [the] entire first term."

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