Views of the latest ad from the Emergency Committee are outpacing Obamacare signups. As of this writing, the ad, titled "Obama's March to War," has been viewed 114,312 times. By contrast, "Around 106,000 enrolled in new plans during October — with approximately 27,000 coming from states where the federal government is running the exchange (with its extensive problems), and another 79,000 coming through the state exchanges," according to the Washington Post.

The ad, in short, makes the case that President Obama's promise to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes cannot be trusted because many of his other promises have fallen short.

What the ECI ad here:

The number of views, 114,312, does not count viewers who might have seen the ad on TV.

"Airing multiple times this week and next on CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews, the spot shows why Americans and our allies have reason to doubt President Obama's promises on Iran," ECI said when the pro-Israel group released the ad a couple days ago.

While ECI has racked up its many views in just a couple days, Obamacare enrollment numbers are for the entire first month of its availability.

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