At a campaign stop today, an Ohio man told Vice President Joe Biden to "enjoy his last couple of months" as vice president of the United States, according to the pool report. The man told Biden, "Just because you're a good guy doesn't mean you're a good vice president."

From the pool report:

VPOTUS arrived at Schmucker's Restaurant at 12:50 p.m.

It looked from the outside like a classic, one-story, standalone diner w a neon sign out front boasting "Good Food" and "Homemade Pies."

The diner was packed. Biden said as he walked in, "I hear they've got great coconut custard pie." He first approached people sitting on stools at the service bar and said, "What pie do you like the best?" An AT+T repairman named Doug Roloff, 45, replied "rhubarb!" But a waitress handed the VP a slice of classic custard pie instead.

Roloff said in a separate interview with pooler: "I'm an Obama person" and "I know how to pick a place for lunch!" The Fulton County resident was enjoying beef and noodles with gravy with a side of mashed potatoes.

Biden chatted with another man a little ways down the bar who declined to give his name. Pooler overheard him telling the VP, "You're a good guy, Joe." Afterward the man reported to your pooler that he was not actually a Biden fan. "Before that, I told him to enjoy his last couple of months," he said. "Just because you're a good guy doesn't mean you're a good vice president."

The VPOTUS understandably took his piece of pie and drifted over to join a couple seated at a table to eat it. The man, 89-year-old Ed Nazer, told Biden that he used to be in the steel industry and ran Nazar Rubber Co, which supplied the industry. He told the VP he had to shut it down and lay off 100 people because of the decline of the steel industry. (Pooler assumes this was a looong time ago. Nazar did not give a date)

"You're a steel man, so you know this," Biden said to him. "Things are starting to come back."
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