A newly released Rasmussen poll asked likely voters, “If Mitt Romney is elected President and Republicans win control of Congress, how likely is it that the health care law will be repealed?” Only 40 percent of independents said that it’s “very likely.” The other 60 percent of independents’ responses were divided among “somewhat likely” (33 percent), “not very likely” (15 percent), “not at all likely” (6 percent), and “not sure” (5 percent).

Perhaps independents’ skepticism results from their now having waited more than two full years for the “replace” part of the GOP’s “repeal and replace” slogan to materialize. Perhaps it is a result of Romney’s reluctance — so far — to offer up anything more than a few lines about why repeal is needed or what real reform would entail. Perhaps it stems from Republicans’ past failures to show the sort of willpower (even when pushing highly popular proposals like repeal) that President Obama showed in ramming Obamacare through Congress in the face of stiff opposition from the American people.

Regardless, it’s clear that Romney and his fellow Republicans have some work to do if they are to persuade the upcoming election’s most crucial voting bloc that the GOP is serious about repeal and will make it happen. Right now, only two out of five such voters are fully convinced.

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