After a couple reports on the governor of Oregon's disastrous rollout of the state's Obamacare exchange, Governor John Kitzhaber abruptly canceled an interview with affiliate KATU:

As KATU's Hillary Lake reports:

After weeks of requests late last year, the governor’s spokesman sent KATU News an email on Dec. 31, confirming time would be set aside for an interview on Jan. 31.

"The hold is for 2:30 pm on the 31st," reads the email from spokesman Ian Greenfield.

Though KATU was allowed four minutes with Kitzhaber on Jan. 9 following his news conference touting Cover Oregon's enrollment numbers, no one from the governor's office canceled Friday's interview.

In the final minutes of our special report Thursday night, a spokeswoman for Kitzhaber called KATU News to say we must be confused because there was no appointment on the governor's calendar.

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