Cover Oregon, the state of Oregon's health insurance exchange program required by Obamacare, began a $3.2 million ad campaign last week to inform Oregonians about the October 1 launch of the exchange. Included in that campaign is a minute-long TV ad featuring a song titled "Live Long in Oregon" and Portland singer-songwriter Laura Gibson. The ad doesn't mention anything explicitly about Obamacare or the health insurance exchange. Watch it below:

At, Shelby Sebens has more on Cover Oregon's campaign:

Rocky King, Executive Director of Cover Oregon, told the Oregonian, the goal of the jingly, somewhat hipster-vibe ads that offers lyrics stating "live long in Oregon" and "long live the Oregon spirit," is to just break people into the program that opens in October....

Cover Oregon does have a website with more information and, reportedly, more information is coming. The health exchange opens for enrollment in October and officials say they expect 217,000 participants in 2014. Oregon has 12 insurance carriers signed up to sell in the individual market and eight in the small employer market.

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