Here is how Obamacare is looking at the rollout nears:

Millions of low-income Americans won’t receive coverage. Many workers at small businesses won’t get a choice of insurance plans right away. Large employers won’t need to provide insurance for another year. Far more states than expected won’t run their own insurance marketplaces. And a growing number of workers won’t get to keep their employer-provided coverage.

That's from Jennifer Haberkorn and Carrie Budoff Brown at Politico. Health care is a large and sinuous animal. Tough for the government to get its strong but inflexible arms and very plodding brain around. But the brute has plenty of will and keeps on trying. Today, Bill Clinton and President Obama will be selling the wonders of Obamacare.

With which neither will ever have any direct contact or experience. Nor, for that matter, will Congress.

Explaining, perhaps, why:

… voters defied prediction after prediction that they would fall in love with Obamacare.

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