It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. The Democratic party would hold its 2012 nation convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of those battleground states that had gone blue in 2008, a rerun of which would go a long way to making Barrack Obama a two-term president.

There were some flaws in the strategy. Not least that North Carolina is a right-to-work state, making it a place the unions would rather quarantine than visit. And, then, the party was having its problems in the state to include the unpopularity of a governor who decided to spend more time with her family instead of running for reelection.

Now there are, according to Justin Sink, writing in the Hill, other problems, including money.

Democrats canceled an event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway that was designed to open the Democratic National Convention this summer.

You had to wonder about a Democratic party event with a NASCAR theme. Stock car racing (as it was once called) does not exactly fit the blue profile. A bicycle race, maybe. But not gas burning and paint swapping on the back straight.

The official word is that the people in charge have a better idea. The unofficial word is that there isn't enough money. The official response is that ‘It's not about the money.’ And we all know what that means.

Multiple media reports say Democrats are between $20 million and $25 million short of their fundraising goal for the convention. And there is talk Democrats are struggling to pay the bills after a self-imposed ban on corporate donations.

Meanwhile, all sorts of Democrats who are presently holding elective office and would like to continue to do so have announced that they will not be attending the events in Charlotte, NASCAR or no.

The president's speech is still on the schedule. He will humbly accept his party's nomination in a football stadium designed to hold some 75,000 people. No word yet on Greek columns.

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