The National Football League recently "issued a rule to deny entry to any off-duty police officer who brings a concealed firearm to one of its stadiums …” And, as Eric Katz of Government Executive reports, it is being challenged by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association which represents “more than 26,000 federal workers from more than 65 agencies.”

And argues that its “officers are ‘highly trained individuals who not only carry in an off-duty situation to protect themselves, but who can serve as valuable backup for stadium security.’”

We all knew that government, in the essentials, is about force, but 65 agencies? We’ve learned through experience that the Department of Education and the EPA have their own SWAT teams and aren’t afraid to deploy them. Still, 65 seems like a lot. Are we looking at a crack unit from the Bureau of Weights and Measures, all slicked out in body armor, packing M-4s, and busting down doors to enforce the metric system?

And 26,000? That’s more than the Jacksonville Jaguars draw for a home game?

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