The Washington Times reports:

A congressman who served as Marine officer in Iraq and Afghanistan says “it’s crazy” that a Pakistani fertilizer maker is being allowed to build a plant in the U.S. while it rejects Pentagon pleas to control its products that end up in homemade bombs that kill American troops.

The Washington Times reported Sunday that the Fatima Group of Pakistan has approval from Indiana to receive $1.27 billion in tax-exempt bond proceeds to build its first fertilizer plant in America.

Fatima is the sole producer of calcium ammonium nitrate, or CAN, that is used by the Taliban in homemade bombs that kill and maim U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The corporation has rejected Pentagon requests to dye the material so that border guards can identify it, and to take steps that would aid in the U.S. being able to track shipments.

“It’s crazy,” said Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, referring to Fatima as a “pseudo-terrorist organization that won’t comply with any of our requests.”

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