In response to a report that she'd ended her bus tour early, Sarah Palin writes that the reason she's back in Alaska is because she has jury duty.

Palin takes offense that the media reported that she ended her bus tour early and unpredictably without good reason, but this seems to be partially a failure of her aides. As Allahpundit noted yesterday, the story of Palin's bus tour hiatus was first reported by Scott Conroy, who has good sources in Palin world:

First he broke the news about “The Undefeated,” then he had early details about her bus tour, then a few days later he revealed that the tour would include stops in Iowa (according to “two sources with direct knowledge of the plan”). On June 2, he warned readers that Palin really, truly might not have made up her mind on whether to run, noting that “Several close Palin associates, in recent private conversations with RCP, have said the same thing.” All of which is to say, this guy clearly has an in with people in her orbit and presumably reached out to them to discuss the sudden change of plans. If they knew that the tour would be picking up again later this summer or that she’s hunkered down in anticipation of an announcement, I take it they would have said something to him to steer him away from his suggestion that she may have jeopardized the media momentum from her bus tour by suspending it before the final legs. The “unpredictable Palin” meme isn’t one they want floating around on the eve of a potential presidential campaign. I’m surprised they left it hanging out there for Conroy.

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