Mitt Romney's campaign sent out House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan's appearance on CBS's Face the Nation. On the TV show, Ryan said this election is "really going to be a big choice about two futures."

"This is why I endorsed Mitt Romney in the primary here in Wisconsin because he was more specific than anybody running for president about specifically what he would do to prevent a debt crisis, to create jobs, to reform the tax code, to reform these entitlement programs from bankruptcy," Ryan said. "Look at the record that Barack Obama has to run on. It's the worst economic recovery on record, the highest deficits and biggest government since World War II, the worst jobs quarter in two years, and the highest poverty rates in a generation. That's not a record you can run on, and Mitt Romney has been very clear and very specific with how he'll do things differently to get our economy turned around – to save us from a debt crisis – and so he will continue to emphasize those things, and at the end of the day it's really going to be a big choice about two futures."

Ryan added: "Do you want the path the President has put us on – a path of debt, doubt, and decline – a welfare state with a debt crisis – or the Mitt Romney path, which has been very clear about prosperity, the American idea, turning the economy around and getting us back to growth again?"

In the latest issue, Stephen F. Hayes explains Ryan's role in the Republican party: "Man with a Plan: How Paul Ryan became the intellectual leader of the Republican party."

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