Michael O'Brien at the Hill reports:

In an email through his political organization, the Prosperity Project, Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, also asked the GOP presidential field to support the budget. Ryan is pushing back against a campaign led this week in Iowa by the Democratic National Committee to frame GOP presidential candidates as extremists.

The DNC is attacking all of the candidates for their support of my Path to Prosperity budget, Ryan wrote in the email. We have to fight back. With your support, I’m planning on launching a counter-attack to educate Iowa voters about the Path to Prosperity and how it’s the only plan currently on the table that saves Medicare.

The effort is likely a response to DNC attacks (including the latest ad) on Ryan's Medicare reforms in the budget the House passed last spring. But the "counter-attack" could be doubly useful as an introduction to Iowa Republicans if Ryan is considering a later entry into the presidential race.

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