Former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said on CNBC this morning that he "would love to see" Mitt Romney run for president again, but that he doesn't think it's likely:

"I would love to see Mitt run again. I hope he does. He's pretty emphatic in saying he won't," said Ryan.

"He obviously does well in the polls today. I think that's because the things we said in the campaign -- here's the problem we had: we were shadow boxing against big government in theory, against the president's rhetoric. Because remember, the president passed most of his program in the first half of his first term, with Pelosi and Reid running Congress. They delayed the implementation of these big laws like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank until 2013, so it's our word against their word as to what was going to transpire, then came 2013, they got reelected in 2012, and now we have big government in practice and the results look nothing like the rhetoric that was used to sell the program.

"So I do believe there is a little bit of regret. I do believe that people say, oh, gosh, this doesn't look anything like what they told me it would--you know, if you like your doctor, can you keep it, it will lower my health care costs, blah, blah, blah."

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