Manchester, N.H.

Ron Paul reiterated his views on gay marriage and abortion today, stating he thinks laws regarding the two issues ought to be left to the states. “I take a strong position that on all issues, social issues and economic issues, that these states, you know, have the authority,” he told reporters. “I’m not looking for more federal laws.”

At a Boys & Girls Club here, a 22-year-old Yale undergraduate named Marina asked Paul why he does not support a federal law or constitutional amendment allowing same-sex marriage. He responded that government should not be involved in marriage at all.

“Let’s get the government out of it,” Paul said. “Why should the government tell you what marriage is all about? You might have one definition. I have another definition.” He emphasized that he is against constitutional amendments on either side of the gay marriage issue, saying it’s a “private matter.”

“The constitutional amendments now [being proposed] are to define it as a man and woman,” Paul said. “Others want to open up the door and use anything. So, how are you going to resolve this fight? Who’s going to get to define it? I don’t want the fight. I don’t want it to be put in the law. I want people to make up their own mind.”

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