On Sunday, Tim Pawlenty called Massachusetts health care law signed by Mitt Romney "Obamneycare." "We now have essentially the same features" in Romneycare and Obamacare, Pawlenty said on Fox News Sunday.

On Monday, Tim Pawlenty was unwilling to defend the comparison between Romneycare and Obamacare. "It — President Obama is — is the person who I quoted in saying he looked to Massachusetts for designing his program," Pawlenty said during CNN's debate. "He’s the one who said it’s a blueprint and that he merged the two programs. And so using the term 'Obamneycare' was a reflection of the president’s comments that he designed Obamacare on the Massachusetts health care plan."

On Thursday, Pawlenty thought of a comeback. "On seizing debate opportunity re: healthcare: Me 0, Mitt 1. On doing healthcare reform the right way as governor: Me 1, Mitt 0," the former Minnesota governor tweeted.

Yes, he waited three days only to respond on Twitter, not exactly a forum where it's possible to make a substantial rational argument about the similarities of two health care laws. Allahpundit notes that the Pawlenty tweet's "unfortunate timing will help overshadow a tone-deaf gaffe made by Romney himself that’s in the news today."

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