In a statement released by the Pawlenty for President Exploratory Committee, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty offered advice for the president on his upcoming meeting with Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "President Obama should use his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand with Israel and oppose a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations," Pawlenty said, referring to a potential Palestinian maneuver at the U.N.

According to Pawlenty, the U.N. is not an appropriate venue to seek resolution between the Israelis and Palestinians. "The United Nations has been—and continues to be—the single worst forum to resolve key issues between the Israelis and Palestinians," Pawlenty said. "The Palestinians should be sitting down to negotiate peace with Israel, not creating a unity government with Hamas or grandstanding at the UN. President Obama should make clear that the United States will veto any UN resolution supporting a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood that comes before the UN Security Council in September."

Pawlenty ends by reminding the president that "Strong and reliable American support for this important ally is the best way to move closer to" peace.

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