Everyone could use a nice government subsidy and bailouts aren’t just for broke car companies and derelict banks anymore. Baseball teams need that same kind of taxpayer love. No surprise then, as Mark Segraves of NBC’s channel 4 in Washington reports:

The Washington Nationals want to put a roof over Nationals Park, and they want D.C. taxpayers to pick up the tab.

The ballplayers are well paid, of course, and they don’t give the tickets away just for the asking. Still:

District taxpayers put up about $700 million to build the ballpark in 2006.

The new roof will run about $300 million so the Nats will be playing in a billion dollar ballpark, paid for by the citizens who will have no say in the making of trades, when pitches are yanked, and when to put on the hit-and-run. Savage example of taxation without representation.

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