In an email to supporters of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi encouraged readers to sign a petition to "declare your support" for Obamacare ahead of the House plan to hold a vote on repealing the unpopular health care law. The email, which had the subject line "this has gotten out of control,"claims that the vote to repeal is "worthless," particularly because "a real repeal would actually COST money rather than save it."

Read the whole email from Pelosi below:

Friends --

This Republican circus has gotten out of control:

Led by Michele Bachmann, tonight Republicans will vote to repeal Obamacare for the 37th time.

We want to reach one million people standing behind Obamacare to show that Bachmann and House Republicans have lost the faith of the American people.

Declare your support for Obamacare before tonight's repeal vote: Click here to automatically add your name >>

The vote gets even more worthless when you consider that a real repeal would actually COST money rather than save it.

This is all just a petty ideological game and I know you are as tired of it as I am.

Let’s show House Republicans that their antics will get them nowhere.

Thanks for your support


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