In a recent edition of Kristol Clear, a weekly newsletter (you can sign up for free here), the boss mentioned an instance of some homeland heroics by a group of Marine volunteers. When a California wildfire reached Camp Pendleton last month, a group of Marines volunteered to save a dozen large, wooden crosses threatened by the fire. The crosses had been erected by Marines themselves as a memorial to their fallen brothers from Pendleton.

As the Marine Corps Times now reports, more than 100 Marines have restored the memorial to its proper place now that the wildfires have burned out:

Cpl. Marvin Arnold of Mike company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines organized a team of seven Marines for a trek up First Sergeant’s Hill at Camp San Mateo within the base, rescuing the nearly two dozen wooden memorial crosses just before the fires burned over the hill. The crosses are each specially marked and decorated to remember a fallen Pendleton Marine, frequently carried to the site and installed by a close Marine friend or comrade.

This week, Arnold tells us the crosses are back, reinstalled May 23 by more than 100 Marine volunteers from Camp Pendleton’s 5th Marine Regiment. The volunteers were organized through the Sangin Valley Gun Club Facebook page, whose moderators also catalogued the event and gave updates.

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