The Wall Street Journal reports:

Pentagon plans for deep cuts across the U.S. armed forces would bring the most drastic changes in generations in the way the American military operates around the globe.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday laid out options for implementing the Pentagon's share of broad spending cuts known as the sequester, including shrinking the Army from 490,000 under current targets to a force as small as 380,000—far below even its modern low point at the end of the Clinton administration.

Under one option outlined by Mr. Hagel, the Navy stands to lose two aircraft carriers; the Marine Corps could cut between 8,000 and 33,000 people; and the Air Force would give up bombers and transport aircraft.

A smaller ground force would mean the U.S. military would have greater difficulty mounting troop-intensive missions, such as long-term counterinsurgency operations, as in Iraq. Analysts said the cuts likely would force other changes in U.S. military strategy and operations.

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