Rick Perry only entered the presidential race a week and a half ago. As governor, Perry’s foreign policy experience has been limited. And his views on these issues have hardly been relevant, even if they’ve been known, since few care what the chief executive of Texas thinks about America’s relationship with the rest of Asia. But now that’s changed.

So, what to expect from Perry?

A foreign policy hand familiar with Perry’s thinking emails:

“Obama has downgraded our relations with [our] key allies such as Japan and our most important future partner India. Obama gives and gives on issues like Taiwan. He has the worst record on Taiwan since Jimmy Carter. China is not impressed by concessions, the key to a good relationship with China is recognizing your leverage.

“Leverage means a strong relationship with Japan. [Obama] gathers every Cabinet member he can muster to join in high-level dialogues with China. These ‘dialogues’ usually beg the Chinese to do what they need to do anyway. What about Japan? A longstanding ally is certainly worthy of the same degree of intense engagement.

“Obama also halted the great momentum we started with India by taking China’s position on South Asia and seeing Delhi as a ‘South Asia’ problem rather than an emerging great power. Also he leaves the impression that he wants to leave Afghanistan as soon as he can politically, which only spooks Delhi.

“There would be nothing worse for the U.S.-India relationship than leaving Afghanistan to terrorists and the Taliban which would also risk the complete radicalization of Pakistan. Obama does not seem to understand how this fight is related to our larger geopolitical interests.

“In Asia you aren’t respected without a strong military, good alliances and leadership on trade. The President has already slashed our defense budget and proposes to slash it more. Meanwhile China continues to build its military. A stable relationship with China means recognizing that it is an economic partner but a security competitor. That is how they see us.

“And this President is the worst on trade in a long time. We still have not ratified the South Korea Free Trade agreement, our biggest since Nafta. It would create jobs for us and link us more strongly to an important ally. Obama shows no leadership. He is beholden to reactionary leftists who are simply against the free market. Perry has done more for trade in Texas than Obama has for America. And look at the results on job creation.”

And on Biden’s “understanding” of China’s one child policy, here’s what we can expect from Perry, again according to the foreign policy expert familiar with the Texas governor’s thinking: “Biden’s comment was abhorrent. The one child policy is morally wrong, it has led to forced abortions and sterilizations and the death and abandonment of countless baby girls.”

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