We previously noted that a petition against the Bashar al-Assad regime's repressive action has been circulating Syria, signed by a leading group of sheikhs. We've obtained the full text and translated, and are here publishing the petition:

Damascus 1st Day of Ramadan 1432 AH/1st August 2011 CE

Given the desire of all who are protective of the stability, security, and unity of the nation, we – Islamic scholars of the Levant – condemn and deplore the use of excessive violence in Hama and other Syrian provinces, which resulted in the blood shed of hundreds of Syrians, as we prepare to celebrate the coming of Ramadan, the holy month of sympathy, compassion and forgiveness.

Aware of their importance, we pray to God for mercy for the victims of every killing, for which we hold the Syrian leadership fully responsible, and we consider this act of evil to be the cause of the spread of chaos in parts of the country.

We stress the need for application of all decrees, laws, and decisions, especially regarding the release of all prisoners of conscience without delay. And may God help you!


Sheikh Karim Rajeh

Sheikh Hisham Borhani

Sheikh Usama Al-Rifa’i

Sheikh Adnan Al-Sakka

Sheikh Walid Rifa’i

Sheikh Jawdat Saeed

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Koki

Shaikh Maaz Ahmad Khatib

Sheikh Ziad Aljazairi

Sheikh Muhammad Rashid

Sheikh Saeed Dloan

Sheikh Nazir Maktoubi

Sheikh Muhyiddin Hamada

Sheikh Khalid Tafor

Sheikh Muhammad Fayez Muhammad Awad

Sheikh Mahmoud Abdulaziz

Sheikh Fahd Kaki

Sheikh Bashir Al-Rayes

Sheikh Muhammad Khair Seryul

Sheikh Faiz-Ajlouni

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