David Horovitz, writing for the Times of Israel:

US Secretary of State John Kerry may feel heartfelt concern about the growing campaign to delegitimize Israel and to boycott it. One of the least smart and least constructive ways to tackle the danger, however, is by issuing an anguished public prediction that this is what awaits Israel if his peace effort fails.

But then the indefatigable secretary has consistently displayed a grievous absence of smarts when it comes to Israel, and the wider Middle East.

It remains inexplicable how Kerry, on taking office, could decide that he was capable of bridging the gulfs between a weak-willed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and a profoundly skeptical Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an era of utter instability in the Middle East. Did his hubris obliterate the recollection that less than five years earlier, a far more flexible Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, operating at a time when extremists were not filling every possible territorial vacuum in Israel’s immediate neighborhood, was rebuffed by Abbas with a peace offer Netanyahu would never come close to replicating?

Undeterred by two decades of incontrovertible evidence that setting deadlines and trying to turn the screws on the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships to force a deal simply doesn’t work, Kerry publicly professed his confidence not only that he would soar where all predecessors had failed, but that he could achieve the hitherto impossible in a mere nine months.

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