CNN host Piers Morgan defended Mitt Romney this morning, after the Republican presidential candidate wondered whether London is prepared for the Olympics:

"Well, it was almost perfect, really," Piers Morgan said on CNN this morning. "Because what had been happening over the last few weeks was that everyone in Britain had been complaining about the Olympics all day long--about the security, about this, about that. And actually we needed someone to blame for all this froth that we were feeling. And along comes Mitt Romney. Perfect! Everyone can now blame Mitt Romney for not having enough enthusiasm, moaning about security, and of course we are all now ignoring the fact that he was simply repeating what everyone in Britain has been saying for the last month."

Morgan added: "If you've been in Britain for the last few weeks, there's been just wall-to-wall scathing coverage by the media of particularly the security shambles, where they had this outside firm brought in to do security, and it was so shambalic that they had to bring in the British army to make up the numbers. So Mitt Romney was obviously hearing about this, and offered a professional view that he was a bit concerned about it. Actually, everything he said was completely true. ... I really think you got to take this with a pinch of salt. Everything Mitt Romney said was true."

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