Politico has a new report on a poll the paper conducted with George Washington University: "Post-allegations, the Cain drain." The strange thing is that the Politico/GWU actually shows Cain in first place, garnering the support of 27 percent of primary voters. That’s about on par with Cain’s best performances in the last month, and it’s an improvement from his position in the last three national polls released since his sexual harassment allegations were revealed.

So why does Politico claim the poll is bad news for Cain? According to Politico, Cain was getting an eye-popping 40 percent of the vote in the poll on Sunday, November 6. But on Monday, the day Sharon Bialek went public with her accusations, Cain "was third with 22 percent. By Wednesday, just 19 percent of those surveyed said they supported Cain for the nomination."

A reader writes that "if Cain keeps 'draining' like this, he'll be sworn in 1/20/13."

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