Beau Biden, son of Joe, will, as Sean Sullivan of the Washington Post reports, be running for governor in Delaware in 2016, further confirming that the impulse to a career in “public service” is genetic and hereditary.

There is Nunn of Georgia. Bush (at least one) of Texas. Cuomo of New York. Paul of Kentucky. And, of course, the young Clinton of … well, the world. She recently announced that she does not rule out a career in politics and that she is expecting. So unto this generation and even the next …

This dynastic trend in American politics cannot be good for the Republic, though it is almost certainly good for the political class, which has been singing in unison the praises of a Bush/Clinton contest for president in 2016. It would make networking so much easier for consultants and advisors and policy types. And having been long in the business, the candidates would know exactly how it is played and would not have to be housebroken.

One almost suspects that in a generation or two or three, after there has been a marriage between the clans Bush and Clinton, we will get a version of American politics that resembles a watered down knock-off of Game of Thrones. Rival clans, then, instead of competing visions.

Unless some descendent of Andrew Jackson comes along, first, and breaks up all the furniture.

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