The reports:

A new poll – conducted on behalf of the news websites and, and released this afternoon after it was presented to reporters by pollster Frank Luntz – concludes that lopsided majorities of Americans from both political parties overwhelmingly favor deepening sanctions against the Iranian government, regardless of current negotiations.

The Luntz Global survey of 900 likely voters was conducted Dec. 7-9. It was the first poll conducted jointly by the Arabic-language and, two fast-growing websites covering news of the Middle East. Newsweek/Daily Beast recently called “an indispensable new English-language source on the Middle East.”

The findings show overwhelming distrust of Iran across demographic and political leanings, with American voters directing their lawmakers accordingly. Whether they are younger Obama voters or older Romney voters, Americans want their lawmakers to insist on a non-nuclear Iran, and they want to increase sanctions to ensure those objectives are met.

The results are the latest to show that American skepticism toward engagement with the Islamic republic is hardening, after an initial period – following the announcement of the interim Geneva deal – in which near-pluralities of voters described themselves as undecided on a range of issues. In late November a Reuters/Ipsos poll found that one-third of Americans were unsure on questions such as whether they supported the Geneva deal and whether Iran’s nuclear program was being developed for peaceful purposes.

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