In his editorial this week, the boss lamented the petty, conventional, and stupid nature of this year's presidential campaign so far. And it looks like he isn't alone. According to a new poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal, the last few weeks of the race have left the public with more negative opinions of both candidates. Writes Mark Murray of NBC News:

Both presidential candidates have seen their “very negative” ratings increase to all-time highs in the poll. And Romney’s overall favorable/unfavorable score remains a net negative – a trait no other modern presumptive GOP presidential nominee (whether Bob Dole, George W. Bush or John McCain) has shared.

What’s more, pluralities say that what they’ve seen, heard and read about the two candidates in recent weeks has given them less favorable impressions of each man.

It's true, as Allahpundit points out, that the poll heavily oversamples Democrats, which may account for the fact that the poll shows Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by six points. But the results do suggest the current trajectory of the race isn't making either candidate any more appealing to voters.

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