Slightly more Americans trust Barack Obama than Mitt Romney on the issue of job creation, a new poll from Rasmussen shows. Forty-seven percent of those polled said they trust Obama more on job creation, compared to 45 percent who say they trust Romney more.

That can't be comforting news to the Romney campaign, which has made job creation and Obama's bad record on the economy the central focus of the Massachusetts Republican's run for the White House. Consider a recent Romney advertisement airing in Florida, a critical swing-state. The ad hammers President Obama for Florida's 8.6 percent unemployment and reminds viewers that foreclosures in the Sunshine State are at record highs.

"He focused on Obamacare instead of jobs," the ad's voiceover says. "Barack Obama: what a disappointment."

And in his nationally televised acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Romney made 25 references to jobs.

"What America needs is jobs," Romney said in Tampa. "Lots of jobs."

Americans seem to agree; the same Rasmussen poll also shows that 95 percent of those polls considers jobs "important" in this election, including 69 percent who say it is "very important." The problem for Romney is that those same Americans don't seem to trust him any more than Obama on that issue.

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