A final poll from PPP shows that a referendum supporting a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions in North Carolina is on its way to a comfortable win today. According to the poll, 55 percent of voters support the amendment, and 39 percent oppose it. Here's more from the Charlotte Observer:

Many voters still don’t understand what the amendment would accomplish, pollster Tom Jensen said, noting that a majority of North Carolinians support some legal recognition for same-sex couples. “Opponents of the amendment had an uphill battle in convincing voters that it was anything other than a referendum on gay marriage, even though it does go a lot further than that” by forbidding civil unions and domestic partnerships, he said.

Jensen, whose firm worked for the anti-amendment campaign, believes the vote could get even more support, possibly as high as 59 percent.

The vote brought a half-million people to the polls to vote early, exceeding even the huge jump in voting for the 2008 Democratic presidential primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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