A new poll from WTOP in Washington shows Barack Obama and Mitt Romney statistically tied in Northern VIrginia, the state's most populous region. Forty-eight percent of voters support Obama while 46 percent support Romney in the Virginia region of the D.C. metro area.

If the WTOP poll results are accurate, the fact that Obama is under 50 percent in Northern Virginia suggests winning the Old Dominion and its 13 electoral votes this time around is a much taller order. Northern Virginia has been trending more Democratic in recent years, and high turnout there flipped Virginia to Obama in 2008 after he won 59 percent of the region compared to John McCain's 40 percent.

A year later, however, Republican Bob McDonnell won the region with 53 percent, helping him carry the state in total with 59 percent support. If there's a critical swing area in the commonwealth, Northern Virginia is it. These numbers suggest Obama is in trouble in Virginia, a state he may have to win again to keep the presidency.

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